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    BIKER ROGUE, a personal page from a gray bearded Biker Photographer about the lifestyle - rides - brothers & sisters - the good and bad times through the years. Some good technical information - links -and his opinion about whatever.

     I am a well known Photo-Journalist in the Motorcycle Field and have had my work continually published in national magazines since the late 60s. I also do work for select individuals.

    I am currently available for a limited number of Photo Sessions . Would you like Photos of Your Self or another Individual ? Your Motorcycle ? What about your Motorcycle Event? I am available to build a limited amount of motorcycles per year and for consulting to motorcycle related businesses.

    I also do R&D Work, Product Testing and Evaluation of Parts or Products for American V-Twin Motorcycles often resulting in a Technical Article in a National Magazine should you so desire.

    If you are interested in any or the above please contact me at rogue@bikerrogue.com

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