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The Most Terrifying Words In The English Language Are:

Im From The Government And I Am Here To Help You


I believe that the Majority of Law Enforcement Personnel are Good Decent People trying to do their job.

As in any profession there are those that aren't and Law Enforcement is no exception. All we have to do is read the newspaper to know about some of their involvement in Drugs, Murder, Stealing, Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving, Taking Bribes and So On.

The problem is that what we hear about is only the tip of the iceberg. Many of the Violations are Not Being Reported so as not to tarnish the image. A Police Officer may not want to cross the line and snitch on or file charges against a fellow officer. Judges and Elected Officials that are involved or by their actions allow this to go on are no better.

We as Citizens are expected to Obey The Law and suffer penalties if we are caught not doing so. You have people that went one step further and actually took a Oath to Uphold The Law. These are the people you put your trust and safety in. Because these people took this oath if they Violate the Law they should be given Double the Sentence given to a regular Citizen that did not take this Oath. Any person that has knowledge of them Violating the Law and does not come forward is as Guilty as They Are.

I suggest that if you are in Law Enforcement and do Not Agree with the above You have some thing to Fear or Hide.

Law Enforcement complains that people Do Not Respect Them or the Law. Remember Respect Is Earned, it does not come automatically. Clean up your Dirty Laundry, Arrest, Prosecute, and Put In Jail any one in Law Enforcement that Violates the Law and Watch Society Change Their Attitude.

In many cases when a member of Law Enforcement is Found to be Guilty they are allowed to Resign or get a Reduced Sentence due to their years of good service which translates to Not Getting Caught.

Help Change the Attitude of The People and Bring Back Respect for The Law and The Government.

A Police Officers Statement To Easyriders Magazine (1996)

I just wanted to inform the fellow readers of Easyriders that another brother biker's freedom is up for grabs. It seems that the State of Florida is trying in vain to lock up John "Rogue" Herlihy on some trumped up charges. For those of you that don't know Rogue, he was a president of the Huns Motorcycle Club in Bridgeport, Ct.. The club has since been disbanded approximately 20 years ago. As a retired Bridgeport, Ct. Police Officer I can say this is a fact as I have first hand knowledge having testified in a companion case. It is common knowledge amongst many current & retired police officers here in Connecticut with whom I spoke with that the only reason Rogue is being harassed is because he was instrumental along with the late "Pappy" in defeating the helmet law here in Ct. over 20 years ago. Apparently some people never forgot that, and are dedicating their careers into locking up another strong voice for bikers rights. The bottom line is ROGUE'S NOT GUILTY.

Rascal  or  Al Pace

Bridgeport, Ct.


    I'm Rooster. I was a Captain and treasurer in the Mother Chapter of the Huns in Bridgeport in the 70's. I joined in 71 and left in 79. When I joined we had Bridgeport, Waterbury, Seymour and New London chapters. Within a couple years we grew to Mass., Penn., N.Y., N.J., Montreal and Detroit. When I left in 79, we had only Mother Chapter in Bridgeport. Penn. and Montreal became their own self reliant chapters. Sex, drugs and rock'n roll wasn't what brought the club down. Drugs, attitude, greed, lack of trust, respect for your brothers became our downfall. There was a time that we were so tight and well entrenched, that a lawyer showed statistically, that we were the most arrested and least convicted in Connecticut. That's organization, of which good leadership by Rogue and other officers gave the club a tightness, a spirit and brotherhood that no club could match. When things had to get done, they were thought out and handled properly. But a 'new' culture was concerned with image not reason or patience. And after the Huns and C.M.R.A. beat the helmet laws, both on a federal and state level, the feds and state marked us. Yes, as Rogue said, the club started getting new and younger members with different ideas on how the club should run. Blinded by the way the 'new culture' led things, led to a fed undercover being voted in when a few other brothers voted no, for good reasons obviously, but were overruled by selfish 'egotistical' tough guy members. The feds and state were all over us. It took it's toll. Older members and other chapters saw the handwriting on the wall and started to retire. Chapters broke away or retired. What can you say, another chapter of American culture passes on. Hey, we made our mark. But, I'll tell you, club members in any club

should remember one rule, the colors don't make you brothers. True brothers are brothers whether they wear the colors or not. That's why many old Huns still call, keep in touch, help each other and ride together when they can. The colors, gave the club the name. Their hearts, love and respect, gave them the brotherhood. When the mother chapter finally folded in '81, for almost 7 years in a row, I remember many of us ex-members going to almost a funeral a year for some of those who had the misfortune of the times catching up and them not slowing down. I wonder how many lives of my brothers were spared, by realizing that being a brother was not just the colors on our backs. I'm glad, that they're still around today for me and others to talk, ride and party with. Every year we get together for the Pappy day run on Memorial Day weekend. On the twentieth anniversary old brothers from the Mass. Chapter joined us in the ride. We wear our colors every Pappy Day. The 25th anniversary, Rogue and others came up from Florida for the run. I'm trying to track everybody from all the chapters to see who'd be interested in a reunion on the 30th Pappy Day run. So if you get any brothers emails, send them to me. We're still here and we know who we are. Well, that's it in a nutshell.

Good riding and good health bro.








Feds case vs. Bikers slipping out of gear

     This article is from Denverpost.com and written by By Mike McPhee
Denver Post Staff Writer

Police Snatch-A-Bike Crews

     This article is from Number 187 October '00 issue of Biker an Easyriders magazine

Minnesota A.I.M. Atty Wins Ruling Against Gang Strike Force

    This story is provided courtesy of Motorcycle NewsWire.com.






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