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Photo of Don "PAPPY" Pittsley

by Ed Amrstrong


    How many of you remember Don “Pappy” Pittsley? He died in May, 1975 very unexpectedly. Without his early accomplishment in the helmet law fight, it is very possible today that

all states would still have the helmet law. Pappy had a vision, and that was you could diddle with the bureaucrats forever and go forever backwards; to accomplish a goal you had to change the law through Congress. So this rider from Connecticut got his Congressman Mr. McKinney to introduce a bill in the US Congress that forbade the DOT to withhold money from states without the helmet law. It took a long time after that beginning to see the bill through and signed off, and the laws to fall in the states. Pappy never saw that day. And today, few if any bikers are dealing with the Congress. We must get back to the vision that Pappy had. I took this photo of Pappy in his home less than a year before his death He was making some last minute changes to his speech for the upcoming hearing he had arranged over Connecticut’s helmet law. His black Harley with skull and cross bones painted on the tank, was sitting silent in his garage. Although Pappy didn’t live to see the outcome of his initial work, we are living and it’s time we learned from Pappy. Stop diddling with the bureaus and get to work on the Congressional level to get some laws passed to limit the dictatorial authority of the bureaus.


This article is from Biker February 7, 1979






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