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Here is where we throw out the rule book. Any style engine is available; Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead or Evolution.

Crankcases for any cylinder head style are available in alternator, generator, alternator/generator or 4-cam styles. Cubic inches range from 74" to 132" - even bigger if you want!

No matter what your imagination desires we can build it and build it right. All machining, polishing, coating, and assembly are done in-house. Each custom engine is then tested or Dyno tuned.

Large cubic engines or high compression engines may need drive train modifications, more powerful starter assemblies or compression releases. Any style of cosmetics is available from fasteners and plating to painting and polishing. All custom engines require customer input for individual needs, so please contact us.


Custom Engine

 Contact rogue@bikerrogue.com for any questions or information regarding engines.




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