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Berry Wardlaw and his crew at Accurate Engineering in Dothan, Alabama, have made it up town. They have worked hard and long building motorcycle engines for the likes of me and others. They have earned and built a reputation for good quality work at reasonable prices.

Now they are in big demand by the builders of the bikes that compete in the Discovery Channel Build Offs and the Custom Bike Show Circuit. Many of these builders believe that Berry’s engines give them a winning edge. The engines are as exotic as the motorcycles. They run hard and are dependable. Big-inch knuckleheads, panheads and shovelheads on the same engine are no problem. Blowers, turbos, multiple carburetors—you name it, they do it.

Of course they build stock to hot street engines in numerous styles, sizes and finishes at very reasonable prices. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Berry for a long time. I first met him in 1988when I was returning from Phil Peterson’s Miami Key West Poker Run and stopped at the Overseas Lounge to attend a benefit for a lady rider friend named Star who had been killed riding back from Daytona earlier in the year. I was riding my turbocharged shovelhead, and of course we got into a conversation about it.

He moved to West Melboume, Florida, in 1989, and went to work at Harley Motor Works where I was employed. We rode and partied together along with his dog Wendy, who rode with him everywhere. He went to Sturgis for the 50th Anniversary, then to Flagstaff, and in 1991 to Alaska, all the time working in motorcycle shops.

In 1996 he ended up in Dothan, Alabama, and opened Accurate Engineering. He had some contacts, a good reputation and the business grew He got a little ink in some of the publications and eventually supplied all the panhead engines for Panzer, an aftermarket motorcycle manufacturer.

Word of him started to spread and people found out that they could get their engines rebuilt, or order a new one with updated internal parts, many of which were made especially for him. They ran good, did not leak, were fairly priced and came with a good warranty.

He was taking ads out in some of the magazines and attending the trade shows showing his products. The word started to spread and his business started to grow Soon there was a waiting period for his engines. He refused to lower his standards to increase production, but hired help and has trained them personally.

His Signature Series engines soon became the ones to have, and his business is still growing. He has had to stop doing rebuilds, though, as they just take so long compared with building a new one from the ground up.

I was hired by American Quantum Cycle, an aftermarket motorcycle manufacturing company in Melbourne, Florida, who was using the Fueling design four-valve-per-cylinder heads on their production motorcycles. I had been running these heads for years, made numerous improvements to them and even wrote a few technical articles. I was hired to solve problems they were having in the engine shop. It was a constant battle with management and some people who called themselves engineers about how to build a quality engine.

I contacted Berry, sent him some parts and went to his shop. We did an article that appeared in Quick Throttle on how to accurately build a four-valve engine.

I went home, replaced the 89-cubic-inch four-valve with the Accurate 96-inch and continued to ride it back and forth to work. Some of the guys knew what I had done, and finally the word got around. I was not having any of the problems that Quantum was having, even though I had purchased all the parts from them. Berry was using all the same parts, but was holding different tolerances and assembling the engine correctly Oh yeah, just for the record I do have the rigid frame with the four-valve engine in it. It still runs great.

I got Berry and Billy Lane hooked up, Berry started by building an engine for the

Camel Bike. Billy has continued to have Berry build engines for him ever since.

He comes into town with an engine on the weekend; it has already been run and tested. We go by the shop and install it, get it running, and Berry does the final tune and adjustment. Of course when the job is done, we all get to party a little. Actually a lot. I just do not want too many people to know how much fun we’re having doing this.

Oh, by the way ladies—Berry is a single parent and his son Jennings (who is one of my little buds) says he is a good dad, too!

For more information on getting an engine built by Berry, contact Accurate at accurate@ accurate-engineering.com or pick up a phone and call 334-702-1993. You can also contact me and order one at rogue@bikerrogue.com, or visit my web site http://www.bikerrogue.com and click on For Sale.





This article is from Biker Number 221 August 2004 an Easyriders magazine.

Photography by Rogue.




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