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Text andLet Freedom Reign. Short Tribute To Biker Rogue.

Published by Cyril Huze August 14th, 2007

I am writing a Blog, not an online magazine and sometimes I regret that my posts have to be so short. Frustration of not being able to describe in details a cool custom motorcycle, to feature all technical info about a new part or to present at length an individual whose contribution to the industry would deserve a full book. I am talking about Biker Rogue (Real name John Herlihy). May I say that if you didnít recognize him in major or local biker events, met him or talked to him you are not a real biker?  Rogueís fight to repeal the helmet law in Connecticut and his fight for all and any biker rights are legendary in the industry.  How many of you realize that the ride you enjoy today would never be possible without a few guys like Rogue. Where would we be today if it werenít for people like him. Walk straight, donít bad mouth, respect others, stand up and fight for your rights and never deviate from these rules landed him in 2005 in The Sturgis Hall Of Fame. But this gray bearded biker is also a superb mechanic (each year rebuilding and assembling a few bikes for a select clientele), a sought after new part R&D researcher and developer for many companies in the American V-Twin industry, a meticulous new parts tester and a famous photo journalist whose work is continuously published in all national magazines since the late 60ís. For some good technical information and latest legal news, visit his website at Biker Rogue. For bike assembly, parts testing or photo-journalism assignments contact Rogue on my behalf at rogue@bikerrogue.com           







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