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Good things happen when you work for a motorcycle publication, and one of them happens to be attending the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati. Through the years I have built a good reputation as both a photojournalist and a motorcycle technician, not to mention making many friends in the industry. So when it came time to outfit my own ride, I used the V-Twin Expo as the ultimate source of inspiration. Talk about a kid in a candy store! When I purchased my 2004 Harley FLHTI, I rode it straight home and parked it until I received a True-Track swingarm pivot anchor from Wil Philips as I had previously tested one on another motorcycle for a magazine piece and was very impressed with it. I added some other performance goodies spotted at the show and was okay for about a year. However, by the time the 2006 show rolled around, it was time for even more power. I spoke with my friend Berry Wardlaw at Accurate Engineering during the V-Twin Expo and asked him if I could do the 95 cubic inch upgrade at his shop (no problem); then we proceeded to search the show for some other products that would be incorporated in the build up. Needless to say, I was a happy camper by the time I left Cincy … so was Berry as he was awarded Engine Builder Of The Year honors at the show! I will definitely be attending the V-Twin Expo again this year, but since the bike is done, I will be working with a new company called Kool Kubed, so be sure to stop by Booth 276 and say howdy. Also be sure to visit the people mentioned in this articlethey have good products and will treat you right.

— Rogue

Engine Work/Assembly


Having the V-Twin Engine Builder Of The Year help upgrade my bagger’s engine to 95 cubic inches was a definite plus! Berry Wardlaw and I talked at the show and agreed on KB Performance Pistons (Booth 480), a set of Andrews cams (Booth 1011) and S&S gear drives (Booth 717). The heads were done by B.C. Gerolomy, and included their 50mm tuned port dual runner, which feeds fuel to each cylinder separately and used all my original Harley fuel injection parts.

For more info: Accurate Engineering, 410 Southgate Road, Dothan, AL 36301;

(334) 702-1993;


Circle 289

V-Twin Expo Booth 365

Swingarm Pivot Anchor


According to Erik Buell’s patents, vibration isolated motorcycles must have three stabilizer links connecting the engine to the frame. However, Dynas only have one stabilizer link. FXRs and baggers have two links, V-Rods have one … only Buells and post-2004 rubber-mount Sportsters have three links. Having previously tested a True-Track system on a magazine bike, it was the first addition I made to my personal machine.

For more info: True-Track, Inc., 11490 Burbank Blvd. #6E, North Hollywood,

CA 91601; (818) 623-0697;


Circle 290

V-Twin Expo Booth 278

Fuel Injection Upgrades


EFI is still a black art as far as I’m concerned, but Daytona Twin Tec actually made it easy. Starting with their TCFI II plug-in fuel injection controller, they also supplied a PC-link interface cable, wide-band engine gas oxygen sensor interface (36531-PHM-AO1 wide band), exhaust gas oxygen sensor and a 18x1.5 mm weld nut for the exhaust pipe — pretty much a turn-key deal.

For more info: Daytona Twin Tec LLC, 933 Beville Road, Suite 101H, South

Daytona, FL 32119; (386) 304-0700; www.daytona-twintec.com

Circle 291

V-Twin Expo Booth 932

Exhaust System


Back in black: First time around I swapped the stock exhaust for a set of Bassani Power Curve pipes from North County Customs. I was very happy with how they worked, so after pumping up the powerplant, I went with another Bassani system. This time it was their Road Rage pipes in black. When I find something I like and it works, I try to stay with it. The combination works as this motorcycle has more than 30,000 trouble-free miles on it since the 95 cubic inch kit was installed!

For more info: North County Customs, 1631 North Placentia Ave. Unit E,

Anaheim, CA 92806; (866) 439-4287; www.bassanipipes.com

Circle 292

V-Twin Expo Booth 611

This article is from Motorcycle Product News Essentials section January 2007 an www.mpnmag.com magazine.

Photography by Rogue.



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