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Rubbermounted Swingarm Upgrade From CCE

Improving The Handling

Photos and text by Rogue

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When Harley-Davidson started rubber mounting their engines in FLT & FXR models it was a big hit with many riders. After a period of time some of the motorcycles developed handling problems. These problems were related to the Cleveblock style bushings in the swing arm. As the engine moved on the rubber mounts, it allowed the rear wheel to sway from side to side, similar to a cornering position. Since the rear wheel pushes the motorcycle this became known as “rear steer” and as a rider got on or off the throttle, or adjusted to road conditions, the part of the tire that contacted the road changed, thus affecting the handling of the motorcycle.


First the wheel had to go.


Upgraded rubbermount.

There have been numerous aftermarket products addressing this problem with varying degrees of success But in 2002 Harley changed the Clevebloc bushing to a spherical bearing in their FLT models. The spherical bearing allows the swing arm to react quicker to road conditions keeping the wheel in contact with the road. They also diminished lateral and torsional movement of the swingarm by their design. I have a 2004 and know they work.


Dr. Rogue removing the Swingarm.

Rogueswing out

Swingarm out of the bike.

Custom Cycle Engineering recently released a Retrofit Kit to install spherical bearings in 1980 to 2001 FLT and FXR Harley models.


New bearing.


Pressing stock bearing out.

I have a pro-street custom FXR. I experienced uncomfortable handling between 100 and 110 mph. I decide to upgrade it with the CCE kit and see if that would solve the problem.


Here’s the supplied tool.

The kit comes with all the parts necessary to install the new Spherical Bushings in the swingarm, including a tool to press them in. The swingarm pivot shaft is optional but I highly recommend replacing it during this operation. It should be noted that Harley also upgraded their Rubber Mount Isolators P/N 47564-86B and these should be replaced as well.

The kit comes with very complete instructions, but I still recommend having a service manual available for procedure and torque specs.



Here’s a shot of good Dr. Rogue working his magic with the shop press.

Remove the rear wheel, swingarm end-caps and pivot shaft. Once the swingarm is removed use a hydraulic press to remove the old Clevebloc assemblies, clean all parts.

Roguein swing

The kit comes with Red Locktite (626) and Antisieze. Apply a coating of the Loctite to the swing arm housing and the race of one of the bearings, install with the 45 degree chamfered bearing carrier-end going in first and using the press-plug to install it in the swing arm. Bottoming the press-plug against the face of the swing arm shoves it into the proper position. Let the Loctite to set up for two hours.

Roguein swingar


Torquing the swingarm to specs.

Repeat the procedure for the second spherical bearing. Before the Loctite has a chance to set up install the swingarm in the frame. Coat the swing arm shaft with the Antisieze. Note: there are two steel cupped washers supplied with the kit, they must be assembled with the counter bore facing the bearing assembly and the flat side should butt up to the nuts. Use Blue Loctite to secure the nuts to the shaft and tighten to 40-45 FT LBS.


Checking chain alignment.

Re-assemble rear wheel, etc. I rechecked my engine, tranny and wheel alignments just to be sure and suggest you do also. I took my hot rod Pro Street for a ride and I noticed the difference right away. The problem I had a high speed was no longer there.

Oh, of course this test was performed on a controlled course by a professional rider—Me, Haha.


Completed bike.

Hey it worked for me, you may want to give it a try also if you are having handling problems.

Contact Custom Cycle Engineering
1970 Peacock Boulevard
Oceanside, CA. 92056
phone 1-800-472- 9253.
You can also check the out http://www.customcycleengineering.com 
Or click on their logos or banner on this page and tell ‘em Bikernet sent ya. You might also check True-Track for handling issues.

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