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Accurate Built

This article is from July 2001 issue of Easyriders Magazine #337

New 96-cubic-Inch 4-Valve Engine

     A good engine should have quality parts and reasonable tolerances for minimal break-in and maximum longevity. Even when we get a kit engine to assemble, we get the parts unfinished so that they can hold the tolerances that are needed for that specific engine.

     Accurate Engineering builds motors right and when we decided to put a new mill together Berry Wardlaw of Accurate Engineering in Dothan, Alabama, offered the use of his shop and services.

     We started off with a set of Delkron engine cases. S&S 4 5/8 flywheels, rods, 3 5/8 cylinders, 1900 Series forged pistons with blank domes, an S&S oil pump. JIMS cobalt crank pin, pinion and sprocket shafts. Also, lifters and lifter blocks, Hastings rings, a Crane H-310-2 cam, and a set of American Quantum 4-valve heads and stainless valves. James Gaskets were used throughout the engine.

     All parts were fitted and modified, cleaned, polished, and or coated. External parts were polished or painted. Internal parts were coated with a dry-film, thermal dispersant coating, which is used to shed oil and dissipate heat. A ceramic-barrier coating and thermal-barrier coating were used to stop parts from absorbing heat.

     After all parts were modified, cleaned and prepped, the assembly process began. A classic reason for checking parts from different companies can be seen in this situation, where we used S&S cylinders on a Delkron case. The oil return holes did not line up properly. This was fixed by welding the existing hole, remachining the deck and redrilling the new oil drain.

    The sump plate was also built up and strips welded to the sides and then remachined to follow the contour of the crankcases. Further modifications weíre made to the drain plug hole so that it would accept the NPT drain plug with the magnet from S&S. The breather window was modified to meet the new recommendations from S&S, as we were using their new rotary breather.

    Because of shaft differences and using JIMS shafts and S&S flywheels, the flywheels had to be machined to get the right inset depth and proper clearance between the snap ring and the bearing housing. Cylinder studs were chromoly installed to a height of 5.570 using a drop of red Locktite on the crankcase end. A Torrington B-138 bearing was installed in the right case. S&S 1900 Series forged pistons were clearanced at .0015 with blank domes. The domes were then cut .070 below deck in the center of the piston and .035 above deck on each end to provide proper squish. The gasket has dowel 0-rings built into it. Valve reliefs followed the original instructions from Feuling.


We started from the bottom up with a set of Delkron cases.

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