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Touring Model Oil Cooler Installation



Oil cooler kit

If you’re using the Harley-Davidson Oil Cooler Kit part number 26082-05 you will also have to purchase a oil filter part number 63798-99. We covered installing another factory/ touring oil cooler system in the King reports, but since then some people had problems with the original system and the factory developed this upgrade. That’s why we’re bringing it to you, so you’ll have the latest.

Oil filter removed-old

Here’s a shot of the original oil filter removed from the stock bracket. The new bracket fits over this one.

You will also need the following tools:</ center>

Oil Filter Wrench HD-44067-A – This tool is needed so as not to damage the crankshaft position sensor.
3/8 Drive Inch lbs. Torque Wrench or Equivalent
6-inch, 3/8 Drive Extension
7/16 Allen Wrench with a 3/8 drive
7/16 3/8 Drive Socket
7/8 Socket
Common Screw Driver
A pair of side cutters to remove plastic wire ties. You will also need replacement wire ties not supplied with kit.

Oil adapter

Oil filter bracket being 

Here’s the oil filter fitting being removed to allow the new fitting and bracket (above) to be installed.

Start by placing a drain pan under the motorcycle and remove the original oil filter. Use the 7/8 socket to remove the stock oil filter adapter. Clean all surfaces.

Oil filter bracket beilng 

Here’s the new bracket dropping into place over the gasket. Make sure the oil line fittings are on top and that the gasket was aligned properly.

Install the gasket on the Oil Adapter Assembly being sure to position it over the Flange through the smaller opening and check alignment.

Place Adapter onto original oil filter mount, paying attention to the gasket. Install the new Oil Adapter Fitting with the coated thread facing inward. Using the 7/16 Allen socket and torque wrench tighten to 160 inch lbs and then to 190 inch lbs.

reg plugs

I needed to disconnect the stator plug to install the oil cooler to the regulator mounts and reroute the wires.</ I>

Remove and disconnect the stator/regulator connector from the bottom of the regulator. Remove voltage regulator mounting nuts. Raise regulator and re-route wires to the inside of the regulator mount and under stabilizer link.

removing reg

Install the Oil Cooler onto the regulator mounting studs. Replace the voltage regulator. Check alignment of all parts and tighten the fasteners to 84 inch lbs, then re-torque to 120 inch lbs.

Re-connect wiring, check that it does not touch or rub on anything and wire-tie it in place to bottom of mount.

Lubricate the oil filter rubber gasket and install filter by hand. After the filter bottoms out use the filter tool to turn an additional 1/4 turn (I prefer to handle installation by hand). It’s easy to over tighten filters. You will note the cut out in the tool just clears the Crankshaft Position Sensor.


The factory makes it simple, by coding the lines. Even I couldn’t fuck-up.

Using any other type of tool could cause damage. The oil lines are clearly marked as to where they go.

Installing hoses

Spray a little WD-40 or oil on the inside of the hoses and install. If possible slip the hose clamps in place first. Check clamps for easy access to tightening screw and tighten.

Installing hoses filter

It would not hurt to check oil level at this time. Realize that the oil filter will use some as it fills up. Start engine and check for oil leaks. After oil light goes out continue to run until engine is warm. The Oil Cooler should get warm to the touch.

If it does not stop engine and check for obstruction.

Recheck oil. Enjoy your new cooler. After you’ve ridden 500 miles tighten the hose clamps once more. They will seat themselves into the hose material. Also double check for leaks. These coolers will reduce the temperature of the oil by almost 10 degrees. Twin Cams run hot. Reducing the oil heat means that the oil will do a better initial lubricating job and last longer.

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